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Complete Hypnobirthing Course

10-12 hours

The Complete Hypnobirthing Course is designed for first-time parents and hypnobirthing newbies. It covers comprehensive antenatal information to set you up towards an informed and confident approach to your baby’s birth, not just breathing techniques.

These group classes aren’t just sitting and listening, they’re also interactive as you get to try out the birth positions, massages and practice relaxation. Bring along your birth ball and enjoy learning how to have a better birth experience.

Core content:
– What is hypnobirthing?
– The cycle of fear, pain and tension and how to break it
– How the uterus works
– The stages of labour
– Relaxation techniques
– How to prevent tearing in labour
– Birth positions
– Birth interventions and why/when they happen
– The role of the birth partner
– Hypnobirthing for caesarean
– Your pain relief options
– What happens immediately after the birth
and much more!

Also includes:
– The Birth Boss workbook
– MP3 downloads of the course visualisation
– Relaxation tracks
– Birth affirmation cards
– A goody bag

PRICE: £225.  You may make a £50 deposit to book and remaining to be paid no less than 7 days before the hypnobirthing course starts, or pay in full on booking. Payment plans available.

Hypnobirthing Essentials Course

4 hours

The Hypnobirthing Essentials Course is a group course perfect for couples who may be later through pregnancy, have less time to spare but want to use hypnobirthing techniques or have previously studied hypnobirthing and only need a refresher.

This course covers:
– Why hypnobirthing can help achieve a better birth experience
– Breathing techniques
– Relaxation techniques
– The importance of active birthing vs traditional birthing on the bed
– Active birthing
– How to write a hypnobirthing birth plan to cover various types of birth

Also includes:
– The Birth Boss Essentials Hypnobirthing workbook
– MP3 downloads of the course relaxation tracks
– A goody bag

PRICE: £100.  £20 deposit to book and remaining to be paid no less than 7 days before the course starts, or you can pay in full on booking. Payment plans available.

The Birth Club Antenatal Course

10 hours

The Birth Club Antenatal Course offers a combination of antenatal teachings and hypnobirthing to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and meeting other parents with similar due dates. 

You’ll learn: about your body, how it births your baby, how to manage labour, the golden hour and what happens after baby is born, as well as essentials such as how to change a nappy and wash a newborn.

This course content includes:
– About the pregnant and birthing body
– What happens during labour
– The choices you may be offered for giving birth such as where and how
– Active birthing
– How to manage pain and pain relief options
– How to write a birth plan
– About inductions
– How caesareans work
– What happens after the birth
– Essentials for caring for a newborn

Also includes:
– A WhatsApp group for your course
– An MP3 relaxation track
– A goody bag

PRICE: £150.  £50 deposit to book and remaining to be paid no less than 7 days before the course starts or pay in full at time of booking.

No Frills Hypnobirthing

Simplified, online and just as effective

‘No Frills’ is a Complete Hypnobirthing Antenatal course online over Zoom.

What’s the ‘No Frills’ part? The cost – it’s £75 for a huge amount of taught content. You’ll receive a set of MP3 relaxations, some print at home affirmations and simple handouts, but you’ll need your own notebook and pen at the ready. I’ll record the sessions and make them available for a week, so you can rewatch it if needed.

The complete course gives you loads of time to learn about the birth process, how to address any fears of birth, get up to date with your birth rights, what labour feels like and how to deal with the pain, making decisions and your choices, as well as practice lots of relaxation, breathing and birthing techniques to help you get the best from your birth experience.

Bring your birth partner along to make sure they are learning with you and understand what the birthing body goes through and how they can support you.

You will learn:

  • How you can teach yourself to relax in the lead up to and during labour
  • How the birthing body works and what happens during labour
  • How to use active birth positions for a vaginal birth
  • How to have a calm and confident c-section 
  • Your rights during pregnancy and giving birth
  • Natural relaxation and pain-relief techniques
  • Medical pain relief options
  • How your birth partner can support your in preparation for and during birth

and much more!

You also receive:

  • Ongoing support from me until your baby is born in case you want to go back over anything or have questions
  • A post birth call to talk through your experience

Zoom Courses

Learn from wherever you are​

The Zoom Courses are perfect for couples who prefer to learn from home or perhaps live more remotely and aren’t able to attend a face to face course.

This course covers the entire background of hypnobirthing, techniques for preparation and use during labour, the role of the birth partner, your rights and decision-making. There will be some practical demonstrations and partner work, but you will need to put in more time at home to practice and read the complete course content than in the full course.

Also includes:
– The Birth Boss workbook
– MP3 downloads of the course visualisation
– Relaxation tracks
– Birth affirmation cards
– A goody bag

PRICE: £95 Essentials / £150 Complete. 

£50 deposit to book and remaining to be paid no less than 7 days before the course.


Birth Preparation Workshops

Just the extra bits to complement your learning

These birth preparation workshops focus on teaching or revising the extra information you want to feel prepared for the birth of your baby.

Choose from a range or attend them all, it’s up to you. Unlike hypnobirthing, if your birth partner isn’t able to attend, that’s fine, although there is always great benefit to them understanding everything too!


60-mins of the most loved and used hypnobirthing methods to help you through labour.


Hormones are hugely important throughout pregnancy and the birth of your baby (and beyond). By understanding how birthing hormones work, you’ll also better understand your birthing body and how interventions such as membrane sweeps and induction impact on your body’s natural processes.


Birthing environments are a cornerstone of birth experiences. As humans we feel most relaxed in comfortable surroundings, and this is no different during birth. No matter where you birth, there are always things you can do to create a better birth environment. Join me to find out more.


Birth can be scary whether you’ve done it before or you’re a first time parent. This why it’s important to understand why addressing fears plays a big part in how you feel both mentally and physically during birth. In this session we will share our fears, understand how to overcome them, and practice relaxation techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond.


When you think of giving birth, you probably imagine being laid on a bed but actually that’s far from the best position for you and your baby. Active birth positions reduce the likelihood of  needing interventions, post partum haemorrhage, severe tearing and distress to your baby, plus be much more comfortable for you both.

Come and find out how you could potentially change the path of your birth with some simple tips and tricks.

Private Courses

Learn in your own home

For residents of the Medway towns and north Kent, so if you’d prefer hypnobirthing and antenatal courses in the comfort of your own home, this is for you.

The course content can be your choice, or the same as Complete or Essential Hypnobirthing group courses but will be focussed on you as a couple at a location, time and date that suits you. Click the link opposite to fill in a short form to request a private course.

Prices vary depending on your requirements. Please contact me to start planning your private birth preparation course.